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Chinese Ministry



Worship Ministry

Deacon leader: Zhigang


Vision and Mission

To offer our worship in unity, spirit and in truth in the house of God.

Ministry profile

1. Chinese ministry worship starts 11am and ends around 12:30pm

2. English Worship time from 11am-noon

3. Combined service: The first Sunday of every month, both Chinese and English ministry will combine worship at 11am

4. Holy Communion: The first Sunday of every month following worship service

5. Prayer meetings are held every Wednesday night


Education Ministry

Deacon leader: Zhigang


Vision and Mission

Take the Holy Bible as the main body, Christ as the center and the Holy Spirit as the teacher.

To combine the teachings of the Holy Bible with the practice of life application, enabling believers to grow in spiritual knowledge and life.


Ministry profile

1. Adult Chinese Sunday school: 9:30am-10:40am, with the following classes

                a. Young seekers’ class

                b. Foundational Christian class

                c. The growing Christian class

                d. Advanced Christian class

2. ‘Wednesday evening chats’ with Chinese Pastor Allen. Every Wednesday (except for third Wednesday of the month) from 7:00pm -7:30pm.

3. Maintaining the church library books, Bible, hymns and varies other resources



Fellowship Ministry

Deacon leader: Mimei Chen


Vision and Mission

To truly love one another in Christ.

To rely on fellowship life and God’s love to build up, to serve, to care, and to live out our witness as a Body to preach the Gospel.


Ministry Profile:

1. The structure of fellowship groups are arranged based on family, age group or dialects (Mandarin or Cantonese.) Currently we have 6 family fellowship groups and a Blessed meal fellowship group (comprised of local restaurant owners/workers).

2. Friday weekly: from 7:30-9:15pm all fellowship groups systematically study and learn the word of God.

3. The first Saturday of every month, fellowship groups will gather for various activities including outings, meals, etc. We especially welcome those interested in learning more about the Gospel and new friends.


Missions Ministry

Deacon leader: Matthew Ly


Vision and Mission

To respond to the Lord’s grace, obey the Lord’s command, preach the Lord’s Gospel, and to lead many to believe in the Lord.


Ministry Profile

1. Support missionaries: provide mission funding, prayer to intercede, and to visit with missionaries online.

2. Local Gospel Ministry: University campus ministry, family fellowship gospel ministry and varies outreach

3. Cross country short term missions: cooperate with mission organization and join overseas missionaries with short term missions.

4. Prayer ministry: prayer for all nations, prayer for Muslims during 30 day Ramadan, prayer for the salvation of family and friends.

5. Training of missionary staff: Church discipleship training ministry, training staff through overseas short-term missions.


General Affairs Ministry

Deacon leader: Keung Lee


Vision and Mission

Maintain church buildings and manage all aspects of church logistics so that brothers and sisters can focus solely on worshiping God.


Ministry Profile:

1. Maintain church buildings:

                a. The main church building and the Grace house beside church

                b. Repair work related to the building (AC, children’s playground, etc.)

2.   Manage various logistically operations of the church

                a. Meal arrangements and cleaning following service

                b. Regular maintenance work within and around the outside of church

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